The project aims to support victims and offenders/ex-offenders through a number of pilot activities and tasters. Participants will be involved in co-design of their own development plans as well as design and influence the delivery model.

Key activities will include:

  • Initial Screening
  • Assessment (including Risk Assessment)
  • Development of Personal Plans
  • Provision of Information, Advice & Guidance
  • Delivery of support services, training and pilot activity
  • Evaluation

Kensa 2 seeks to develop specialist and niche services and test new ways of working. Participant involvement will inform delivery and those supported will contribute to the development of new services.

The main benefits of the project will be to:

  1. Trial and test a range of different interventions and evaluate their effectiveness. 
  2. Provide better co-ordination between statutory/support services and VCSEs for the benefit of offenders and victims in supporting better integration into their communities.
  3. Help develop a more robust pathway of provision for offenders and victims to help overcome complex and multiple barriers in accessing support, training and employment.